Monday, February 10, 2020

Leadership and management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 6

Leadership and management - Essay Example For the purpose of analysis, the leadership and management style of TESCO Plc will be critically reviewed in the light of role of leadership in management, the difference between leadership and management, theories and practices of management related to TESCO Plc. TESCO Plc is a multinational superstore in food retailing industry operating in more than 12 countries across world. Strong leadership and management have driven the company to operate successfully in the UK as well as in Europe, Asia and North American Market since 1919 (TESCO Plc, 2014). The nature and style of leadership pursued by TESCO Plc will be discussed below. As a result of operating since 1919 in the UK market, TESCO Plc has encountered various transformational and structural changes from time to time. Such changes largely affects the organizational framework; therefore effective leadership is defined when the leads become successful in efficiently managing resistance to change among all the employees (Grieves, 2010). With the skill and knowledge gained from long experience of working in corporate environment, leaders always tend to formulate strategies and bring required changes in align with the economic condition and industry position. The leaders also identify the potential barriers which may arise in the time of incorporating change process and take initiatives to address such issues well in advance. Experts have recognized certain traits which are inevitable for a leader to manage and control organizational changes. Those traits are attributed in the tabular format. Role of leadership also changes in the various stages of change process. For instance, logical influence is required to be implemented on employees in the planning stage of change process whereas in the introduction and maintenance phase, supportive leadership style should be exercised for minimizing resistance to

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